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Online Registration Periods:

  • 12 and under Baseball and Softball
    • February 17th - March 30th
  • Junior Division Baseball and Softball
    • March 5th - April 13th
  • Senior Division Baseball and Softball
    • April 2nd - May 18th

Welcome to Nashville RBI

Our mission is to provide as many young people as possible the opportunity to play the games of baseball and softball as possible. 

For the spring and summer of 2018, RBI Nashville will offer boy's baseball and girl's softball at Looby Center, Madison Park and Seven Oaks Park.  These leagues are for boy's and girl's 12 years of age and under, who desire to learn and play the games of baseball and softball.

This RBI Nashville will expand its programs to include junior division baseball and softball in partnership with Metro Schools.  We will also expand our senior division to include more baseball teams and to launch a senior division softball program.  If interested please speak to the coaches and/or administrators at your middle or high school. 

We hope that everyone has an enjoyable season as they learn more about the game, build character and work ethic, improve their individual skills, and foster meaningful relationships with other players and families.

Event Highlights:   

On February 10th, Major League Baseball hosted the first Fun At Bat event for the 2018 season at Cane Ridge High School in Nashville.  This event was incredibly successful and served as the launch of the rebranded RBI Nashville Baseball and Softball Program.  You can learn more about this event by following the link below.

Player Fees 2018:

12 and under baseball and softball  $ 60.00

13 and over baseball and softball    $100.00

*scholarship opportunities are available on a limited basis. 

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